How to make money with a web model – my experience

How to make money with a web model – my experience

In this article, I wish to share with readers my personal knowledge as a web model.

One of my acquaintances told me about the website of the net models where you can make money, and i also decided to try it.

Not particularly straining but not compromising with my moral principles, I managed to get to operate more than $ 800 dollars a month.

In the event that this way of making money is usually interesting, I invite one to read about my experience, will probably be interesting.

Exactly what does such a site represent? That is an entertainment resource of the category (18+), providing online video communication between registered users and models, online.

Communication can take place free of charge – in open chitchat, and on a paid most basic – in closed “private” chats. Private chats get into three categories.

“ Group chat” – in it the version can communicate with several users, starting from two. Communication may last until the model stops that, or the last user leaves the chat.
“ Private chat” – communication takes place between the unit and only one user, whom the model has put in “ private”. For yet another fee, other users can track what is happening in the chat, but can not make comments or perhaps write in it.
‘ Full private” – communication takes place among only one user and the version, which takes place in this conversation, is not completely attainable to other users.
Having launched his transmission, absolutely all models first get into an open chat.

While in open chat, each model can see how many users are observing its broadcast, and what is the balance of the account of such users.

Types can send written communications to other users, or connect using a microphone. Viewers can easily tip the models, or invite them to the “ private”.

The interior payment unit on the site are tokens. For them, visitors can invite the model to a private chat.

One token is approximately 6 euro cents for models, and for visitors, one token costs 11-16 euro pennies. On this difference, the site results in its income.

Such work seemed interesting to me. After all, the work of your webcam model is a thing in between, between a photo unit and a movie actress.

Plus, I was hoping to get a good income. No exceptional skills were required, the schedule was free, and many importantly, it was possible to begin almost from scratch.

I had a computer with a cam, and a high-quality Web connection today, almost everywhere, is the norm.

check in
As for subscription, it consists of several levels.

The first is the registration of the account on its own, where the site asks you to indicate your personal data. This should be taken seriously, indicate everything as truthfully as possible, as this data may in the future be needed to reset the password to your personal consideration, as well as to verify the id when withdrawing earned cash.

Next, you want a scan copy or picture of good quality, your documents. In my case, it was a passport.

First of all, this is necessary in order to confirm the coming of age. And also, you’ll end up asked to send your fast photo taken by a web camera, and another photo with the document at the face level to confirm that you are registering this account, and not someone else matching to your documents.

Next, they will ask you to signify the payment system with which you intend to withdraw earned cash.

In my case, this is ePayments, but it can also be displayed on WebMoney.

After a couple of days, you are going to receive a notification to your email that your account is energetic.

The second stage is filling out the web page of your profile on the site, the data from which will be available to all users of the site.

You will be asked to submit a questionnaire that contains queries about your gender and sex orientation.

You will require a high-quality, interesting picture that could interest other users to chat with you when viewing your page.

By the way, there is such an choice on the resource that allows you to disconnect users from your region, which gives an additional opportunity to exclude a great accidental meeting on the site with individuals you know.

Although it’ s better to let down the entire Russian-speaking audience, since, based on personal experience, they will pay extremely little, rather than a lot of adequate ones.

Full guidelines for registration can be found on the webpage, everything is described in detail in Russian. And tech support team is also Russian-speaking.

Well, after going through every one of the stages of registration, they have time to make money. Of course , my own first visit to free chats of other models remaining a painful and depressing impression.

My 1st thought was: “ Master, where did I proceed? ” I immediately appreciated jokes about short In german films shot on a digital basis.

It’ s good that for the page of my personal bank account these wonders of creativeness were not broadcast. On the other hand, My spouse and i immediately supposedly see the equilibrium of my account, plus the account balance of users on my page. Unfortunately, the balance of all of them was zero.

I did not understand how to behave and what to wear, the best places to broadcast, and how much time to devote to it. But , all this was somehow resolved by itself.

The computer was stationary in my room. Consequently , the broadcast led out of it. The wardrobe had not been rich. I found a pair of tight-fitting topics, a mini skirt and stiletto sandals.

I had free time with this part-time only in the evenings, when ever my parents were already at your home, and therefore, there was no question of any non-sense in front of the webcam.

Yes, and sincere conversations after midnight in English, my mother would hardly have valued, so the need for a microphone disappeared for family reasons.

By the way, my voiced English is approximately zero. But now, I have an excellent command associated with an online translator.

The first days were very sad, from a monetary point of view. But I used to be not discouraged, because this task did not require any economical costs, but I did each of the training tasks in front of the camera.

What else, you must pay attention to before starting the put out.

This is the record that your visitors can see. Consequently , you need to carefully approach this problem.

Try to point the camera in such a way that all the things in the frame is perfectly tidied up, the grandmother’ s carpet doesn’ big t hang on the wall, the cat in the chair doesn’ t wash, and your chest area does not hang on the back on the chair.

Your camera should be in good resolution, preferably with HD quality. Take care of good lamps, both primary and supplementary.

For example , make use of a desk lamp or a floor lamp fixture that will shine because of the camera, and not into it. In the framework, you have to be very effective.

Watch the hairstyle. It is desirable that the makeup can be bright and the lips happen to be made-up.

Take care of the manicure separately, because your hands will always be in the body in the foreground.

Pay attention to what you are putting on if your legs fall into the frame.

Make an effort to be as sexually eye-catching as possible, this is the main factor that you can attract visitors to the chat room.

To start with, I just sat and considered the camera peephole, and may not understand why so few users are interested in me.

Then, I started to do fitness in front of the camera. And then, I had the idea to prepare mini-performances.

One of the options was this. I had been pretending to be a stupid schoolgirl who couldn’t do her homework.

I had developed to work a little about changing the hairstyle, linked two tails on the factors. I was spinning in front of the camera in an armchair, licking my own lips.

Biting down hard a thick marker. I pretended to try to get a leader without getting up from my personal seat, and stretched behind it across the entire table, to ensure that a deep roll-out on the chest of the T-shirt “ accidentally” fell into the shape on the whole screen.

Then she pretended to reduce her temper, tore the sheet on which she allegedly wrote something and threw up scraps. Further, she pretended to calm down, align her hair, get up and commence walking around the room, leaning in various angles to the camera, collecting scattered scraps so that the audience could see what my own short skirt was.

The main income, at this point, brought me tips coming from users. I want to note that they will left me a tip even if I was not in the message, but the camera was just turned on. It attacked anything around two dollars an hour or so.

For the first month of such work, I got a little more than $ 150. Then, through my own fault, due to inattention during registration, I had difficulties with the withdrawal of money.

The site, before withdrawing cash, requested additional verification of identity, and for a very long time turned down photos of my paperwork, referring to the low quality on the images.

And later after communicating with the tech support team service, the money was transferred to my electronic wallet.

Then, it thus happened that for about 2 yrs I did not deal with this theme, for a variety of reasons, starting from a computer breakdown to a adjustment of place of residence, as well as a change in the status of marital status.

And now, about four many months ago, I again went back to the site. Circumstances developed in such a way that in a short period of your energy, it was necessary to patch economic holes in the family spending budget.

I refurbished my old account. Re-verified. I got acquainted with the changes inside the payment for the models (they became a little better).

Even before that, I got a good laptop using a high-quality camera. This allowed me to be more portable in terms of broadcasting. Now I have always been not attached only to my personal home, but I have the chance to work wherever there is Wi fi.

How much and the way to earn
I would like, in a little more detail, to highlight the procedure for remunerating types on the site. If you are a beginner unit who has just registered, then for the first time you will be paid about forty percent of the sum that users paid for one token.

The cost of one token is constantly fluctuating, although not significantly. As I figure out it, this is due to the ratio of the euro to the dollar.

The site sells bridal party to customers for pounds, and the calculation with the models is in US dollars.

The first least amount available for withdrawal will be $ 200. I accumulated that in about ten days and nights after the account was refurbished.

My pocket book in E-Payments

Initially, your balance is retained in tokens. The credit reporting period is from Wednesday to Sunday.

Tokens collected during this period will be converted into dollars. Then up coming Friday, the accumulated dollars are transferred to your electronic wallet.

Eventually, if you are actively working on the internet site, it is possible to withdraw anywhere and at any time, at your need.

In order to boost the percentage of your wages, you must upload at least three photos to your profile page.

And then, you will not be paid out forty percent, but forty-five.

And if you upload also a video, after that your rate will rise to fifty percent. Photos can also be obtained from the phone, but it is better to contact a photo studio.

High-quality photographs will be your further competitive advantage over other models.

And in addition, I advise in the future, purchase a small video, one . 5 minutes, and make viewing it paid, at least for 20 tokens.

This will provide you with continuous passive income, even when you’re offline.

I had a from a trip to the sea in the phone, shot by a sweetheart when I was sunbathing nude. Nothing special.

Mostly side view and from the back. I is not the best way to go a little, remounted it and set on some music.

The total timing arrived one and a half minutes. My personal video has already been watched more than 50 times in a month and a half. Plus, I increased the overall percentage of write offs for work.

For other models on the webpage, the cost of downloading a video attains 500 tokens, and the quantity of views reaches one . 5 thousand pieces. So the occurrence of paid video on your own page will not be out of place.

In the first month after I returned to the site, I was able to withdraw a little bit more than 450 US dollars.

If you calculate how much time I really used on this work, then the result is not a bad consequence.

Since We still work as an boss in a small cafe, I don’ t really manage to devote a lot of time to working to be a web model.

At first, I broadcast from the cafe.

I installed the notebook computer on my desktop, set up the camera and was occupied with current affairs of work.

Sometimes taking a look at which of the visitors visited the site. Further, she persisted according to an already independent of each other developed program: if someone wrote to me, I instantly try to start a conversation.

If a person causes further contact, I continue to keep communicate and flirt. Then simply, I propose to go to “ private”, and continue communication now there, without strangers.

According to this scheme of, I have an income of bucks 15-20 per day, and I invest in it no more than two several hours while broadcasting, and another ten to fifteen minutes in private.

This is despite the fact that I do not visit the site every day. About a month later, I have already produced my circle of consistent “ fans”.

The geography of their dwelling is very diverse. These are mainly US residents. There is one particular regular user, our former compatriot from Canada.

It’ s a pleasure to communicate with him – I connected a microphone, and no scribble.

A very generous granddad, after each of our conversations, straight drops me thirty money to my wallet.

Although such activities are prohibited by the rules of the site, and for this you can get a fine. With him, I discuss his concerns in my personal life, tell how she would act in a given situation.

We are trying to find solutions together in different life situations. I actually also correspond with one particular “ friend” from Brazil. But there is nothing interesting, just light flirtation.

Thus, by the end with the second month, I was capable to withdraw almost 700 us dollars.

And a month ago, my income was already a lot more than seven hundred dollars. Now I’m wanting to know what to consider as the primary job, and what is a area job.

In the daytime, I rarely go real time now. I try to operate live kamerki the evenings, for the most part, on my days off.

For starters and a half to two hours of communication in the evening, I seem to earn 50-60 dollars.

Although there are early evenings that manage to earn only twenty dollars. I try to do the job only when there is a mood.

With a sour or tired expression, it’ s i9000 best not to start transmitting. Only push away potential customers.

For starter models, I want to advise the subsequent:

Add several users as possible to your “ friends”, from among individuals who at least once invited you to a “ private”, left a tip or just paid praise.

In the future, this will help you facilitate the look for solvent customers. Also, you can observe all your “ friends” if they go online.

Perform them a newsletter, just like: “ Hello. I’m in broadcast now. Come chat. ”

End up being personal in this regard. Most of the visitors to the resource are notorious, insecure people, deprived of attention from the opposite sex, and a huge lack of interaction.

They come to this site in order to realize some of their erotic fantasies, and quite generously pay those who may help them in this.

On the site, everything is set up in the same way as in ordinary lifestyle.

Each model decides how it can draw in attention to itself. I don’ t want to discuss the techniques of other models that they can use to be noticed.

Here, as in other places, there are accessible girls, there are not available.

Pertaining to myself, I chose the image of expensive girl, not attainable to everyone, but prepared to communicate with many, and on virtually any topic.

Likewise, be prepared for the fact that, quite simply, all these topics will be “ below the belt”. If one of you behaves inappropriately, insults you or is simply rude, tend not to engage in an open chat with him.

By doing this, you can alienate other, more sane users.

Intended for such cases, the designers came up with a more elegant approach. Any of those with whom you will not want to communicate, you can just “ban”, with the click of a button around the toolbar in your “personal account”.

After that, this user will not be able to create or comment on your address in any way. We must not forget that individuals come to this site to relax, to raise their spirits.

Therefore , when you are transmitting, be positive, smile as much as possible, especially when you look at the camera. Always thank those who left you with at least a person token, or just made a compliment.

The majority of users will be striving to view you as naked as is possible, paying as little as possible, or perhaps not paying at all.

You have several options to capitalize on such wants. Or, demonstrate all your bracelets in a free chat, and wait for a tip for this.

You can put the done price tag in your profile, with a detailed description of how much. Or perhaps, like Scheherazade from “ A Thousand and One Evenings, ” entertain their users with fairy tales in “ private” for a long time. The very last option turned out to be more appropriate for me.

To date, that’s all I can tell, based upon my modest experience. Probably to some of you, this post will help you become more financially indie. Try it and you will succeed.

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