Research maxims of technology. Methods of systematic knowledge

Research maxims of technology. Methods of systematic knowledge

The emergence of systematic knowledge reaches its origins when you look at the past that is deep before the time whenever a minimum that is certain of ended up being accumulated, which started to be sent by individuals in numerous kinds of their practical task.

Development of clinical knowledge for the past reputation for mankind

The initial virtually oriented knowledge that is scientific math, which arose in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. The affordable paper knowledge that is mathematical of individuals had not been split into mathematical procedures, but had been united by the practical function of the corresponding variety of task. Pure, or theoretical, math ended up being created in line with the application of this theoretical way of systematization of mathematical knowledge – a rational evidence, that is, the change from a single position to a different. Mathematics as a type of theoretical awareness arose into the 6th century B.C. in Ancient Greece. The meaning regarding the idea of technology was initially directed at Aristotle. He highlighted technology being a form that is special of for the knowledge that is very thought that acquiring such knowledge may be the greatest objective of human being task.

When you look at the dark ages in feudal Europe there is a doctrine of nature, which offered at that time faith. But later on, the clinical some ideas of Copernicus revolutionized technology. They strike on scholasticism, and technology had been freed from theology and relocated into an ideal that is independent.

Further growth of science generated the forming of theoretical and empirical research techniques, that are also characteristic of today’s technology. The creator of this brand new inductive approach to research had been F. Bacon. Technology, by Bacon, is really a product that is historical of task.

Principal phases for the development of clinical knowledge

In regards to the target orientation of technology in culture with its historic genesis, you can easily distinguish three primary periods:

– personality-ideological orientation of technology (from its emergence to Galileo and Newton); the primary reason for the very first duration – the development of a broad concept of ?|idea that is general of?the world of man on it;

– technical, material-production orientation of technology ( from the 17 tury that is th today’s); As a result, it had been revolutionary both for engineering technology it self;

– a solely individual orientation aimed at the introduction of the intellectual imaginative potential for the specific (contemporary phase); in the event that growth of manufacturing in the 19th century was performed, the enhancement of devices and processes that are technological in our time it really is dancing as a result of the development that is intellectual of person himself, which can be the factor that is leading the development of material manufacturing.

The introduction of technology in society leads to the “vertical” integration of technology – the propensity to the ever better convergence of technology with repetition, as well as in this connection – into the rapprochement The deepening of the processes of between fundamental and applied sciences differentiation together with integration of medical knowledge. The outcome of differentiation may be the emergence of split systems that are theoretical their separation into separate branches of technology due to their own subject, language and techniques.

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