Cliff Wife & Cliff Wife Guy Memes Explained

Cliff Wife & Cliff Wife Guy Memes Explained

The Brief: A YouTuber’s statement that his wife dropped off a cliff is commonly memed with recommendations to “cliff wife” and guy that is”wife regarding how this incident was overdramatized.


May 23, 2019, YouTuber Shaun McBride (referred to as Shonduras) uploaded a video h2d “JENNY FELL OFF THE TRAIL.. frightening moment for the household” in which he along with his wife Jenny retell the storyline of her falling down a high slope while hiking in Hawaii your day prior to. Into the movie, they replay footage regarding the event many times and unpack the feeling in more detail. Throughout the autumn, Jenny got scratched, bruised, and sore, but would not maintain any severe accidents. Later, the hike was finished by her and went swimming together with her family members.

Listed here is Shonduras’s movie. If you’re not ready to take a position a complete 19 mins and 43 moments, a single minute clip is found right here.

Following the event, Shonduras additionally tweeted and later removed the annotated following:

“i viewed my spouse fall a cliff…you’re off whole globe can transform in just a few moments. mine nearly did. A reminder that is good be thankful for every minute from it. the great and also the bad. the delighted while the unfortunate. because you’re right here.”

Responses: The Creating Of A Meme

After watching the footage and reading Shonduras’s tweet, lots of people noted that although the autumn appeared to have already been frightening for Jenny and her family members, to explain it as “falling off a cliff” can be an exaggeration. Read more